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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Power My Home?
Ans. The first question to come in mind
 Yes, this is one of the most common thing that everyone thinks- how many solar panels should I install on my rooftop? 
The number of solar panels depends on the following factors:  

  •  The location and the weather conditions
  •  The amount of electricity that is consumed
  •  The surface area of the roof
  •  The brand and efficiency of the panels that you want to use

 You can determine the number of peak sunlight hours of different Indian cities from Government website :
Q. How to Determine the Wattage of the Solar Panel to Be Used?
 Ans. If you receive 4 hours of peak sunlight and you are using a 250-watt panel, you will able to generate 30 kWh in a month (4x250x30) or 1 kWh a day.
Always remember, the efficiency of a panel is inversely proportional to its number. That means, the higher the efficiency of a panel the lesser number of panels you will require.
Q. How do Solar Panels Work?
Sun light that falls on solar panels is converted to electricity. This electricity from the solar panel is in direct current form and since we use the alternate current to run appliances in our home, an inverter is installed to convert this direct current to alternate current.

Q. Does Solar Panel Work During Monsoon?
Solar panels will produce comparatively less energy during monsoon. Shades, clouds, and monsoon does affect the performance of solar panels.

Q. What is the Average Lifespan of a Solar Panel?
Most of the solar panels come with 25 years warranty in India. However, the lifespan of a solar panel can go up to 30 years depending upon brand and quality. 

 Q. How Much Will Solar Panel Maintenance Cost?
Cost of maintaining solar panels is near to zero (0) or few hundred rupees (100) a year.  Most solar panels have silicon cells laminated and framed which ensures long life and less maintenance. Cleaning and washing solar panels are must for the longevity and retaining efficiency.


Q. Can I go off grid with solar panels?
Absolutely, anyone can generate own electricity with solar panels installed at their rooftop and completely disconnect from the grid. To go off grid, it is must to store power in batteries.

Q. Can I run electric appliances directly from solar panels?
Solar generates direct form of electricity, to use fan on solar, inverter is must, appliances cannot be used directly from solar panels.

Q. Is My Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?
Solar panels are not laid down directly on your rooftop. Solar panels are kept on mounting structures which can be customized according to your rooftop. Yes, solar panels are suitable for any kind of rooftop if there is proper sunlight. The roof should be free of shadows.

Q. How Much Rooftop Space Required to Install Solar Panels? 
Installing a solar panel depends upon how many panels will be installed on a rooftop. As per rules laid down by the government of India for installing 1 kW solar system takes 100 sq. ft. rooftop space in installation.

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